What is an AT Scholar?

Low incidence disabilities are just that. Every assistive technology breakthrough must quickly find a World market if it is to become viable or affordable anywhere. Conversely teachers, therapists and assistive technology professionals now need global knowledge of the new technology available to meet individual needs. This is a fast-moving field. Governments and legislators must also keep up with what is available for their citizens and of the necessary and changing resource implications.

“The British Assistive Technology Scholarship” funds the travel, accommodation, and conference fees of top British AT professionals to experience the world’s top assistive technology event. This is currently the annual Assistive Technology Industry Association Conference in the United States. Pretty well all global advances in assistive technology are showcased and evaluated there.

However, in 2021 the ATIA Conference has gone virtual due to Covid-19. So no gorgeous Conference week in Florida and no trans-Atlantic flights.

But every Covid has a silver lining and the British Assistive Technology Scholarship can now fund not one or two, but twenty-five conference places - albeit to a virtual event. But what a virtual event!

ATIA 2021 Connected

The twenty-five scholars listed in our News Section each have a $400 full registration to study any or all of the four areas offered by the conference.

Between them they have an amazing range of experience and expertise. Each will write up their experiences and what they have learned for publication on this website for you to read.

The Scholarship will also share this material with our partners: the All Party Parliamentary Group for Assistive Technology (APPG_AT), the British Assistive Technology Association (BATA) and Communication Matters. Each organisation will have the option of asking particular Scholars to present their findings in person - once such events are again possible.

We are hoping that next year ATIA 2022 will again be staged in Orlando. Indeed, we may be able to fly one or two of this year’s twenty-five scholars to experience the full event. Meanwhile we trust their writings published on this website will advance the use of technology to empower those with additional needs and disabilities in the United Kingdom and beyond.

Martin Littler 20th January 2021.

Caribe Royal Orlando